Benefits of a copywriter

27th May 2020

There are times when you can be a bit lost for words, especially if you’re trying to come up with something really cool about your brand, communicate something sensitive or emotional, or create something memorable for social media. Perhaps you love writing and know your brand tone of voice well, but simply don’t have the time to generate much content while juggling all your other demands.
If you have computer problems at work, you call in the IT team. If you’ve no time to chase invoices or do your tax returns, you hire an accountant. So if you’re struggling with language or lacking the time to generate content, a copywriter not only solves the problem, but adds so much more value.
Copywriters understand brand tone of voice, brand values, audiences and channels, plus they’re trained in the art of persuasion. They have a genuine flair for language and creative writing, and importantly, they have an excellent grasp of grammar.

Occasions when you might consider a copywriter:

Setting up business
The first thing everyone does is work on the visual look and feel, i.e. the logo, website, printed materials etc. This is, of course, important. However, the language you use for your new brand is equally important. It will set the tone for your new business, lay the foundations of its reputation and help set it apart from competitors. Your brand language and written content should be a key consideration.

Refreshing your brochures
Whether you own or work for a well-established company, you’ve probably been getting along with web content or marketing brochures written by various people over the years, having had no real branding discussion. That means your content and brochures might read a bit disjointedly or not convey the real feel of your work. A little massaging and refinement of your brand tone of voice will transform the way customers and competitors see you.

Writing for a specific purpose
Copywriters can help you write practically anything. You might need a report written for your board, a brochure promoting your company, or those dreaded tender documents. Giving these sorts of projects to a copywriter will ensure your company tone of voice remains consistent. It could mean the difference in winning a tender or not.

Step away from the page!
You might believe you’re rather good with words yourself, and that could well be the case, however getting a copywriter to look at the piece of work from a totally different perspective will only improve the content.
It’s easy to get so passionate for your product that you lose sight of what really needs to be said and what questions need to be asked. Much of the time, you have just one opportunity to grab people’s attention and that, for me, is where a good copywriter is worth their weight in gold.
Persuasive but not pushy or obvious
Good copy can push conscious and unconscious decision-making buttons so that customers do not feel pressurised or influenced, but enthused and engaged. A good copywriter thinks about the psychology behind the phrasing. They’ll know what works depending on the platform, the aim and the audience.

A little technical
Your product may be very specialised or technical, but copywriters are skilled at familiarising themselves with the subject and bringing it to life to make it engaging, interesting and relevant to your target audience. Their words can help build trust in your company or brand and strengthen your reputation.

When you have numerous communication formats and platforms
Social media platforms, blogs and websites, traditional print brochures, magazines, leaflets, flyers, and advertising – the number of different media channels we need to market our businesses on can be overwhelming. Finding time to write all this content is a challenge, never mind maintaining a consistent tone of voice and tailoring content for different media and audiences. That’s where a copywriter is invaluable.

That old chestnut spelling and grammar

Even if you’ve written your own copy, in my experience it’s always good practice to ask a copywriter to look over it. You’ll be surprised at what they might find. Spending a small amount of money on proofing – especially for an important piece of communication – could save you thousands in reprinting costs and damage to your reputation.

Some common questions answered

Would a copywriter know enough about my business to write about it or me? No, but a good copywriter can get to the bottom of it very quickly. They don’t just jump in and write – they ask questions and research your business, the category you’re in and your target audience.

Will it take a bunch of my time? Not as much as you might think. Yes, a little effort is required from you. But just ask yourself if you were to write the copy yourself, how long would it take and potentially how bad would it be? You’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you do what you’re best at and let a copywriter take care of the copy.

Will it cost a huge amount of money? No, not really. A good copywriter is not cheap, but again, given the time and potential business you would lose doing it yourself, it really is worth it. What a copywriter brings to the table is expertise that adds value to your business and in time that pays for itself.