Cooking my way through isolation

30th April 2020

While the ARC team work remotely, we are missing the daily office chat, so we are going to check in, have a catch up, and see how isolation is going and we could of guessed Helen would of been cooking…

I have been cooking (and consequently eating) my way through isolation. With more time on my hand’s, I am making my own breakfast cereals, lunches are now a 2-course affair and recipes usually saved for a weekend dinner are Tuesday nights norm. So when my Auntie asked me to send across my curry recipe, I thought I would channel my best food influencer and send it over as a video. I hope you Enjoy. The glass of wine is compulsory!

As Nadine Coyle’s Tik Tok famous quote goes “I enjoy cooking, baking and stuff, working with flour, making sweet things I’m not so used to, more savory. More chopping. When you just zone out, put your music on and just chop!” (Yes I also fell victim to tik tok, isolation does funny things to us)

And a note *No animator was used in the making of this film, Andrea’s work is much more impressive*