It is the little Things

27th April 2020

This week we drop in with Andy to see how he is getting on, while working remotely..

I like, I am sure, many others have started recording the good and positive moments and times during this very scary and difficult time.

 As the title say it is usually the little things, like the very early morning walk on the beach with the dog and Stella , Zooming with the Kids, WhatsApp from the crazy family.

The rainbow pictures the Grandkids sent us for the windows, and just how nice, helpful and tolerant people seem to have become, and I hope it lasts long after we are truly out of this crisis.

But I would like to share one little story with you that made my weekend and more so my Wife Stella’s, and will certainly be in my memory chest.

 We live at the top of a very steep hill and it is just on the edge of the countryside, so we are blessed. We would rarely see many people up this far other than those who live here, but since the lockdown that number has increased as people try and exercise more.

 So, we see people walking their dogs, and families, some heaving a little for breath as they climb the steep hill. I have been out in the garden this weekend a lot, either messing with the dog, cutting the grass, so seeing and saying hello to people as they pass.  

One woman called out “your garden is lovely I love the Tulips”, another couple passing said the same thing and it was their reward to see the Tulips when they get this distance.

Today another couple stopped and said they loved them, and their Grand Children have now named it on their walk as the Tulip House.

Now at this point I must make clear, the beautiful flowers are all my wife’s creations she is a very good and dedicated gardener and only calls on me for the odd bit of manual labour. So, when she heard this it made her very happy indeed that others could enjoy her garden and not just us.

She would have from spring to summer wonderful colour, smells and a haven for Bees and other important insects as that is her passion also. So today that couple gave us both a little lift and for Stella, the thought that others could see and appreciate her garden which she loves really made her day.

I have shared a couple of photos, sadly the Tulips are coming to the end of their best but will maybe give you the idea.

It truly is the little things, share your moments to.

More soon, I hope.