When people come to us, they often have questions about our work, our people, our methods and lots of other things. Some people might not have the time for a chat or the experience to know what questions to ask. The following is a list of the most commonly asked questions. We’ll answer them openly and honestly because transparency and trust are at the core of our brand


How much experience do
you and your team have?

The Managing Director Andy has been in the industry for over 30 years, while the designers and creatives have a minimum of five years’ experience and some have up to 20 years’. The team here covers all aspects of design and advertising, including graphic design, web design, animation, illustration, copywriting, media buying, digital media, print buying and production. Account management is to the highest standard.

Who else (if anyone) are you working with in my industry? Are there any competitive relationships I should know about?

We are very open with new clients and existing clients in regard to possible conflicts of interest. We either offer a good solution or, if a solution can’t be found, we don’t take on the business.

Who will be doing the work on my account AND Can I meet the people who will be on my team and make sure we see eye-to-eye?

All clients have at least one client services manager. Depending on the type of work you need, there will be a design team allocated, with a Creative Director in charge. You’ll meet all of these people, ensuring they understand your business and goals and that you have a good rapport.

How often will I see my account executive and the principal of the agency?

The honest answer is as often as you need. We don’t set limits, however the larger the account, the more time is generally required. No matter how much work you need, the account manager will always keep you informed and send you regular updates and contact reports.

Can you provide project examples and case studies that demonstrate measurable results?

Yes, we always will be able to provide these, generally we will provide what is relevant to you and your brand, but on occasion that might not be possible. We will be able to at least show examples of work we have done with measurable results across the various platforms.

Do you bill for expenses? Is there a mark-up or are expenses invoiced at cost?

Account management expenses such as travel incur a cost. Third party invoices are invoiced at cost so there are no mark-ups on these services.

What ongoing training do you provide for your staff? How do you ensure they stay current?

Our staff naturally update their skills as trends and technologies change, but if there’s a specific need for training, such as for new software, then we respond to that need.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

In the first instance, you should contact your account manager. If you wish to escalate further, you have direct access to the Managing Director 24/7.

What does your billing structure look like? Are there items that must be paid in advance? What about payment terms?

Unless there is a very large spend required by us at the start of a project which is very rare, we do not ask for any payments up front. Our general billing terms are 30 days unless we have a different arrangement in place for a longer payment requirement on large contracts.

Do you expect to reassess – or reinvent – my MARKETING strategy?

We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we had questions about the strategy and didn’t speak up. Expect us to flag things in your best interests and to explore them properly. We know we aren’t always right - you know your business best - but we will challenge if we feel we have reason.

Who do you think should have creative control?

This is a tricky one, but the answer is - why employ creatives who have studied and spent years learning their craft, then not allow them control or listen to their advice? Having said that, we work with our clients and we approach every project as a team.

For creative work, how much can I edit, review, or redirect work? Is there a limit on revisions?

You can edit and redirect the work as much as you want. Generally, when we quote, we build in one set of client corrections and an hourly rate for further corrections. We work to a brief which is agreed before work starts and our aim is to answer that brief. If you make changes to the brief mid-project, we will let you know there could be extra cost before we go any further. If we have failed to answer the brief or made errors, changes will not incur any cost.

What do you look for
in a successful client relationship?

It’s simple. One word. TRUST.

Do you use freelancers? How often? What is their experience and skill level?

Yes, we use freelancers and their skill levels and experience are extensive. None have been in the industry for less than five years, while some have over 20 years’ experience and have worked at a senior level. Our business model is based on freelance people who work for us daily in our premises, we therefore through this method have a vast team. This means they’re engaged with projects at all times and we can pick the very best people to work with our core staff.

How do you communicate with clients on progress and results? What tools and resources do you use to share information?

We use a management system called Synergist from the central source we produce estimates, briefing documents, contact reports right through to final invoice. All this information is available to our clients as we operate a total transparency policy. All clients will have a least one dedicated account manager who will be in contact with clients on a regular basis and update on activity and running costs. We will run analysis both during and at the end of campaign work, reporting directly back to our client both in person and in a written report.

What are the core values of your firm? How do they impact on your clients?

Our core values are transparency, trust, integrity and good relationships. We work hard to know you and your business because we genuinely want to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Our values and ways of working ensure you get the very best work from a team of friendly, talented people who are a pleasure to work with.

What will you do to get to know my business?

In short, whatever it takes. We spend time talking with you, we listen and ask questions and, where possible and appropriate, we spend time in your business. We research the industry and category you’re in, we examine your competitors and their marketing, and we investigate your target audience.

What do you consider a “rush” project? Are there fees for this? If so, how much?

Let us address the cost question first, we will not charge any premium for a rush project unless it requires people to work at the weekend or overnight. In these very rare cases we add a 10% surcharge but will advise and agree that always in advance. In terms of what we judge a rush project really depends on the project but rule of thumb if we can do the work in the normal working days then no rush charge, the only charge will occur is in regards to weekends and overnights as explained.

What happens if I’m not happy with someone on the team?

Tell us and we can change that. The last thing we would want is for you feel you weren’t getting what you need, or worse, for you to take your business elsewhere. We always try to ensure our people and clients are a good match, but there are times when people just don’t gel. If it’s not working for you, tell us.

Will you tell me about your rates?

We are completely open about rates. We have set rates for all our people and these can be supplied to you when you enquire. We don’t mark-up third party costs (print etc). We receive a rebate from media companies for buying space, but we charge out at cost. We don’t normally charge for account management, but on very large projects, we’ll give you a quote and charge a set fee.

Can you provide former What financial incentives do you have for products and services you may recommend? Do you get commissions or affiliate fees?

Our pricing structure is transparent. We do not mark up any third-party costs, although we do receive some media commission. If the project requires a lot of management of outsources, we openly give a cost for that.

If you have any other questions,
please feel free to get in touch any time.