The simple fact is, people prefer watching animation and video rather than reading paragraphs of copy. What’s more, with video and animation, you can say much more and have a deeper emotional impact. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Making a video or animation is not as difficult as you might think, nor is it as expensive as you probably imagine. That’s not to devalue the art of making video. It’s just that the technology is less expensive these days, so it costs less to hire professionals.

We all have fancy mobiles and devices and lots of us probably think, ‘I could do that on my phone’. Yes, you could, but it won’t be as good as a professional. It will cost you time and, if you get it wrong, it will harm your brand and waste your money.

The benefits of well-made animation and video far outweigh the cost.

It brings your idea, brand or products to life

Whether you’re talking to consumers or business customers, animation or video lets you creatively explain what you do. You can communicate your company values, your brand and your products in a really engaging and interesting way.

You can showcase products, explain how to use them, and even build excitement about products that haven’t been made yet. An animation or video can help you explain your ideas and help get a sale over the line.

It captures your audience and reaches them on a deeper level

Animation and video can tell stories and stories are powerful. Stories capture people’s imaginations and that helps you get your message across in a way that actually moves your audience.

You could tell a story about how you started your business, or you could tell a story as part of a presentation to a potential client or an investor. Or you can use stories to communicate with consumers, showing how they can become the hero of their own story when they use your product or engage with your company.

Animation and video increase the SEO of your website

Animation and video enhance your website’s search engine status because most major search engines favour pages that include them.

Pages with animation and video are more likely to receive backlinks from other websites, which means your page is likely to get more organic hits. That in turn increases its appeal to search engines.

It’s a great way to explain a complicated message

With animation and video, you can really break down your message to a simple form so that people understand right away. They don’t have to plod through lots of paragraphs to understand it. Video, animation, music and voiceover (VO) work together to deliver a clear message that people can actually enjoy watching.

Who doesn’t like a little movie?

Animation and video can speak to everyone – young, old, busy, retiring, no matter where they are in the world. With animation, your characters can take any shape, size, colour or gender, which makes it a very flexible medium that can appeal to a wide audience. With video, your actors have to be just right for your audience so you don’t have the same flexibility, but video could be more appropriate if, for example, you’re speaking to a formal audience such as investors.

There’s no limit to what you can market with animation and video

No matter what you’re selling - books, clothing, household goods, or communicating a simple how- to message, it can all be done through animation and video, no matter how serious, technical or fun your product.

Animation and video are great for brand development

Animation and video are excellent for building your brand because people can see and hear your brand come to life. You can extend your brand identity to include colour themes, icons, characters, places, stories, music and sound. You can create an entire brand world.

Commonly asked questions

Isn’t video and animation expensive?

It very much depends on the subject! We’ve created some very simple animations for as little as £600 and some really complicated high-end videos for £5k.

Do I own these once they’re made? Are there any intellectual property issues?

With us, you own the video/animation - after all, you’ve paid for it! However, intellectual property issues should always be discussed and agreed before you commission any work.

Can I change the video/animation as we go?

Yes, but you could incur extra cost. It’s best to agree script, VO and storyboards before any animation or filming starts because it will take extra time to change it and that will add to the cost.

Can I use it anywhere?

Yes, you can. Animation and video are perfect for social media and websites, but remember you might need before you post in some places.

What is the process so I can manage time and costs?

  • Agree the subject of the video or animation.
  • Agree where it might be used and who will see it.
  • Concept presented for your approval.
  • Script, if required, presented for your approval
  • Storyboards drawn up to show you what the animation will look like. This is the perfect time to make any major amends.
  • VO artist chosen ad agreed, if required.
  • Music chosen and agreed, if required.
  • Video/animation process begins. You will get a small sample of the animation style to approve.
  • If style approved, full animation/video process takes place until completed, with VO and music added.